Presse- und Mediaverlag GmbH

As a medium sized company the PRESS- und MEDIAVERLAG belongs since 29 years to the established publishing houses in Stuttgart. The core business of our publishing house are premium-quality culinary magazines. Another key area are services in the publishing sector.

We concentrate our publishing activities on a steady expansion for a secure market position. These activities are in the specialised topics of hotels, restaurants, travel and wellness.

It is the philosophy of our publishing house to be amongst the leaders in the areas within our topics. The level of performance of the entire publishing house is focused on the high standard which we as leading communication professionals demand from ourselves.

With the targeted focus on the expectations of our readers and the interests of the advertisers.

Our editors and photographers therefore have a quick and pragmatic approach to all culinary themes in order to implement media-compatible communication strategies of restaurants, hotels or new openings for the reader.

Through a finely woven network of editors, graphic designers, photographers, printers and bookbinders, we achieve an efficient production of our magazines.